The Cerule business opportunity

Cerule® not only makes extraordinary products, it also knows what it takes to build an extraordinary business, and, in our world that includes a cutting edge pay plan. Our pay plan is unique. It is designed to reward those who can spread the word far and wide, and help those in their team to be productive. It has real scalability and is arguably one of the most generous and easy to understand pay plans in the industry.



Business without the Startup Pains.

Cerule® is fast becoming one of the most exciting life-changing opportunities around the world because the Cerule Pay Plan offers.


Success Stories

There’s a unique story behind every Cerule IBO. What will your story be?

Linda Hoggard

Independent Business Owner, New Zealand

The Cerule Business oppurtunity, wow what can I say. Just love this company. Love the products so much, the pay plan is just fantastic so easy to explain and it pays so well. Cerule as a company has such a foundation, in that it is Cerule that is harvesting, holding the patents, making the AFA concentrate and overseeing directly the production of their other products. Cerule’s R&D team is full of well qualified published scientists passionate about bringing evidence based quality products to market. I am so excited about where we are going together as a company. The lifestyle, travel, events, personal development add such a great dimension to my life.

Dominique Boulay

Independent Business Owner, France

My life changed since I joined Cerule, 2 years ago! After being an IBO for only 4 months, I could make a living out of it ans I discovered financial independence!

My challenge today is to meet and help other people that are interested and motivated to reach the same goals as I did. My motivation is to allow my crew to achieve their goals. Plus, Cerule is a reliable and trustworthy company that uses innovative researches to provide us quality products. These life changing products should be known and shared all around the world. Join us to discover a new lifestyle.

Véronique Oranger

Independent Business Owner, Guadeloupe (France)

I’ve met Cerule because I trusted the person who told me about this business opportunity. I do not regret at all because since then, I meet people of all ages, all social classes and all backgrounds.

Cerule products are extraordinary. My parents are the first people on whom I have seen the benefits of the products and for nothing in the world they would give up on them.

My best reward is to receive calls from people who thank me saying, I sleep better, I have more energy than I used to, my health is better. Cerule allows me to improve my health, and that of others, but also my financial health.

I thank all the team Cerule both in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana, for their listening skills, patience and humility.

Marie-Joelle Robert Eudaric

Independent Business Owner, Reunion (France)

I made the decision to join Cerule after my visit to Klamath in 2016, it was a momentous decision for me. When I got back home, I started gathering a network to introduce them to this unusual place that I have been to. From the beginning, my small team was already trained and I started quietly my activity at Cerule. I quickly progressed and reached 50k, then100k and in August 2017. I was qualified as President. My goal was not necessarily to aim Chairman but the outcome will be obvious since I reach for excellence. And my IBOs themselves want to achieve higher qualifications and are willing to make progress.

Mark Parsekian

Independent Business Owner, USA

Being involved with Cerule puts me at the forefront of a purpose driven global opportunity with life transforming products that everyone needs. People the world over are demanding healthy, natural, science based products with an opportunity that’s easy to understand, trust and share. With Cerule, my family experiences a lifestyle that most people dream of, by traveling the world, teaching others and sharing the products and opportunity. It’s a really simple business. The more you inspire and teach others how to share the products and create a road map for their dreams, the more financially and personally rewarding it becomes for everyone – it’s a WIN-WIN! If there was ever a time where people are looking for hope, inspiration, community and financial opportunity, it is NOW and with Cerule.

I like to say I make friends for a living!

Ian Davies

Independent Business Owner, Australia

My heart sings when I can change lives for the better, After 30 years in the wellness industry I know Cerule products dramatically transform wellbeing, enjoyment of life, confidence, and lifestyle. When we fully embrace the incredible Cerule concept, all our lives get better. We feel awesome, look incredible and all make the money to live the life we desire and enrich this glorious world.

Cerule is my future, for me and my family, it is such an incredible vehicle to allow us all to achieve all we desire, I encourage everyone to join us on this incredible journey, what are you waiting for? I know what the future holds for us all!

Fabrice Nardol

Independent Business Owner, Martinique (France)

I am in my forties and I have more than 16 years of experience in relationship marketing. It is an activity that I keep developing with passion with my wife Madly and our 2 children, Jade and Nolane.

By the time we started Cerule, we were in a transition process. We were seeking for a serious and innovative marketing company, with exclusive products and mainly an honest corporate team. Today through Cerule we have found these values. It is a pride to support the distributors who have trusted me in their progress and to help them achieve their goals. All this way leading to a better physical, relational and financial health.

For me, Cerule is the company of the 21st century. I am able to realize my projects and to live my dreams. I have a lifestyle that I did not know was possible.

Marijke Long

Independent Business Owner, USA

I was born in the Netherlands, and in my late 20th I immigrated to the USA, full of hope for a bright future in this land of endless opportunities. But soon I found myself in so much financial strain that I was about to lose my house, this is when I was introduced to the possibilities of Network Marketing. I was ecstatic to have found a home based business where I could be with my children. I quickly learned how rewarding it was to share products that had given my family increased energy, better sleep, mental focus, and faster recovery. It’s a joy to see others experience better health, and financial stability as well! I truly have found my home in Cerule. The products are unsurpassed and the pay plan is excellent!.

Sophie Dufour

Independent Business Owner, Reunion (France)

Making the decision to start to work with Cerule in October 2016 was obvious : the seriousness of the company, the scientific evidence and the quality products were meeting my ethical values. I discovered Relationship Marketing with my mother Marie-Joëlle Robert Eudaric, and I always like it for that it offers the chance to all of us to to live a dream life, and it excites me every day a little bit more.

To my mind, I find this gratifying as much at the relational level with the team work, as with transmissions of humanist values. Since the beginning of this adventure, I have met incredible people and I travelled magical journeys that will remain forever. I invite each distributor to go on with their lives, and to live with us an extraordinary life.

Marita Mason

Independent Business Owner, Australia

I am living an extraordinary life through this business and I love supporting others to do the same. My passion and purpose is to help the people in my team reach their potential and let go all the blocks that limit them. This is really exciting as the business attracts amazing people who are full of love and want to make a difference in the world. The products are beyond sensational so my plan is to just get them out in the world – and my prayer each day is for whoever needs them to be magnetised to my team. The lives being changed helps the business snowball and sometimes I am gobsmacked at how quickly.

Susan Strandberg

Independent Business Owner, USA

I am a Registered Nurse with a Master of Science in Nursing. Stem Cell Nutrition has made a profound difference in my and my family’s health. I began my research in Stem Cell Nutrition 12 years, my findings were so profound it changed my original beliefs of Western Medicine. The main reason I started on Cerule’s products was because I needed more energy, and my legs hurt from working on the hospital cement floors. After about 10 days my energy went up, my legs no longer hurt. I mostly appreciate the ability to market the health model vs the disease model. I appreciate Cerule’s philosophy which is all about relationships! Cerule is a Pay-it-forward company and sharing the products is so exciting! Share because you care…