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Cyactiv® and Chronic Fatigue with Tim Meredith

Cyactiv® and Chronic Fatigue with Tim Meredith

If you’re looking for  testimonials, stories  or reviews, bookmark this page. As time goes on I’ll be adding to this page as I receive or find testimonials from real StemEnhance Ultra,  Cyactiv® and Plasmaflo users.

Cyactiv® testimonials

A few comments by real users of Cerule stem cell nutrition products

The products do help!!!!  Just great,  like before…

Life when using the products is like night and day.

I probably wouldn’t be at work if I didn’t have Cerule. After 3 days the pain comes back when I don’t take Cyactiv.

These products are good shit! 


Cyactiv® & Chronic Fatigue

Cyactiv is a natural anti-inflammatory supplement made by Cerule. In the video below, Tim Meredith from New Zealand talks about how Cyactiv® is helping him to manage chronic fatigue.


Tim Meredith 17 juillet 2018

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