Stem Cell Enhancer aka StemEnhance Ultra is a unique product.

Stem Cell Enhancer

StemEnhance Ultra

~ New product ~

StemEnhance Ultra

Millions of our stem cells are released from the bone marrow into circulation with each dosage and this supports the repair of aging or damaged tissue in the body and renewing cells.

 Why StemEnhance Ultra?

More potent and increased Efficacy

StemEnhance Ultra is the only product that contains the most important ingredients for triggering the release of 4.5 to 6 million of our stem cells from the bone marrow into circulation – with each dosage.  This helps the body to heal itself.

The location for sourcing each ingredient is quite important.

Two key components extracted (via a patent) from Lake Klamath, Oregon are highly concentrated into each capsule.  The blending of StemEnhance with fucoidan plus a unique extract of spirulina creates a unique synergy that assists the migration and homing of stem cells by balancing key messengers involved in stem cell function.

Shortly after taking two capsules of StemEnance Ultra there will be millions of stem cells released from our bone marrow into the bloodstream. Stem cells naturally migrate to tissue needing repair, attaching and multiplying thousands of times and becoming new tissue.

Stem cells circulating in the bloodstream continuously allows for constant tissue renewal and repair.  This product can be taken more than once day.

**Depression – StemEnhance Ultra can have an impact on those with depression. Increased mental clarity and mood elevation has been documented when PEA is present.  PEA – phenylalanine an amino acid essential in human nutrition is naturally occurring in StemEnhance Ultra – anywhere from 12 to 16 mg occurs in each dosage.

**Acts as a Cox 2 inhibitor offering natural relief from inflammation with no side effects.

**natural polysaccharide support for the immune system

Product Facts>>

“…Mesenchynal Stem Cells in the bone marrow give rise to the tissue stem cells, i.e. they have been shown to differentiate into bone and fat cells; tendons, ligament and other connective tissues, as well as neurons and cells of the liver, lung, pancreas and heart.  That list is not exhaustive.  Also, as their name implies Hematopoietic Stem Cells in the same bone marrow are the well known precursors to the wide variety of blood cells (red and white) and platelets.”  Taken from Allan C Somersall’s book, author of Stem Cell Nutrition. 

Why move more stem cells out of our bone marrow into circulation?


Our stem cells repair and renew aging or damaged cells.  As we age, we have less stem cells naturally circulating and that is when we need them.

The goal with Stemenhance Ultra is to have MILLIONS of our stem cells move out of the bone marrow into circulation where they travel through the bloodstream attaching to tissue needing repair, multiplying thousands of times and becoming new cells.

Stem cells can become any cell of any organ in the body.  When stem cells are abundant in the bloodstream they can become heart cells, liver cells, lung, pancreatic cells, muscle cells, brain cells, any tissue in the body. Their job is to replace and renew cells.

As our cells age or when we have an injury or we are simply exercising and tearing tissue, these damaged cells send out a chemical message (signal) requesting stem cells.  If stem cells are circulating in our blood stream they are attracted to the tissue needing repair.

Available for People and for Pets Sometime in 2018

Stem Cell Enhancer aka StemEnhance Ultra is a unique product which stands alone.  In 2018 there will be a product formulated for animals.  Some are giving the Stemenhance Ultra to their pets.

Stem Cell Enhancer

What are Adult Stem Cells?


Stem Cell Enhancer

A stem cell is a cell that has the ability to duplicate itself endlessly and to become cells of virtually any organ or tissue in the body. Stem cells are found in human embryos, and are also found abundantly in the tissues of the body after we are born, which are termed Adult Stem Cells. Your stem cells can be thought of as “master cells, » which the body uses as needed to renew aging or damaged tissue. Your Adult Stem Cells are found most abundantly in the bone marrow.

As children our stem cells are more easily released into the bloodstream, whereas this process slows down as we move into adulthood.

Adult Stem Cells circulate and function to replace dysfunctional cells…specifically to repair and renew damaged or aging and degenerating tissue.

Recent developments over the past 4-6 years have uncovered how to naturally release millions of YOUR Adult Stem cells from the bone marrow into circulation quickly. Adult Stem cells have capabilities comparable to embryonic stem cells.


As we age, the number and quality of stem cells circulating in our body gradually decreases which means we have less stem cells circulating to repair the body as needed when we are injured or going through age-related health issues. (These unused Adult Stem Cells are still in our bone marrow – available for release at any time.) Stem cell enhancers go to the bone marrow, triggering the bone marrow to release millions of Your own Adult Stem cells into circulation – making them available every day to repair damaged or aging cells in the body.

When I burned my finger that Saturday morning, the stem cells which had been released hours earlier, circulated to the burn repairing the tissue very quickly. Other chronic health issues in the body may need a lot of stem cells circulating over a longer period of time.  The stem cells released start repairing immediately, and many start feeling better the first week.

What are Stem Cell Enhancers?

Stem Cell Enhancers aka StemEnhance Ultra triggers the release of millions of Adult Stem Cells from our own bone marrow into circulation. This product is a unique blend of compounds extracted from the cyanophyta Aphanizomenon Flos – aquae (AFA)…blue green algae in Klamath Lake, blended with Fucoidan, as well as specific extracts from high quality Spirulina isolated through a patented extraction process, that utilizes no chemicals, or harsh agents and is highly concentrated in the StemEnhance Ultra.

 This blend supports the migration and homing of stem cells to the tissues in need by balancing  key messengers involved in stem cell function.

How Do Stem Cell Enhancers Work?

Within hours of taking 2 capsules, one will have millions of their own stem cells released from the bone marrow into circulation.  Once circulating these stem cells home in on tissue in the body needing repair. *ANY TISSUE* Does not matter if it is bone, muscle, connective tissue, cartilage, liver, heart, brain, skin, nerve or aging and degenerating tissue. Once attached each stem cell multiplies thousands of times and becomes that tissue.

Testimony of Dr. David A. Prentice, Ph.D.

« Adult Stem Cells are already being used clinically to treat many diseases in human patients. These include reparative treatments with various cancers, autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, arthritis, anemia’s including sickle cell anemia and immunodeficiencies. Adult Stem cells are also being used to treat patients by formation of cartilage, new corneas to restore sight to blind patients, treatments for strokes and several groups are using Adult Stem cells with patients to repair damage after heart attacks. »

Double Blind Crossover Studies with Stem Cell Nutrition/Enhancer

A double blind study was conducted on human subjects to see the effect of StemEnhance in increasing stem cell activity in the body. Some were given the product and others placebos. Blood samples were drawn 30, 60 and 120 minutes after the stem cell nutrition was taken. Comsumption of the stem cell nutrition/enhancer triggered a significant 25% increase in the number of circulating stem cells.


Those with bone marrow disease should consult their physician before taking StemEnhance Ultra or any Stem Cell enhancer. Also, StemEnhance Ultra tends to naturally keep the blood cleaner.  So those who are taking blood thinning medication would want to check with their physician so as not to over thin their blood.

60 capsules per bottle

How much to take is a personal decision. Suggested maintenance dosage on the bottle is 2 capsules a day. Some people with particular health issues take 2 capsules multiple times a day to  increase the amount of stem cells in circulation throughout the day.

(It is a personal choice to use more or less.) To purchase …


Adult stem cells can be considered as small doctors in their way!

Adult stem cells can be considered as small doctors in their way of working to heal and repair the body on a daily basis.



Firstly let me say that my intention today is to present this concept in simple plain english. If you really NEED science, there is plenty to back up what I am about to say…. OK lets get started!
adult stem cells
They are a bit like magic building blocks for the body.  ⁃ if we need new muscle cells they can become muscle cells, ⁃ if we need new heart, liver, brain or nerve cells they can become those too, ⁃ and ⁃ if we need to fight an infection or other condition in the body they can become the immune system soldiers…. the various kinds of white blood cells.
adult stem cells

Doctor Allan Sommersall’s Stem Cells Mantra


The discovery of what our Adult Stem Cells do in our body is truly one of the most exciting discoveries of our lifetime.  As Doctor Allan Sommersall PhD MD says in his best selling book « The Amazing Power of STEM CELL NUTRITION: How to Enhance Your Natural Repair System Today
– We all have adult stem cells
– We all use adult stem cells
– We use them every day
– Adult stem cells work
and they work every time.



adult stem cells

When we were young we had plenty of adult stem cells in circulation… these adult stem cells helped us repair and renew and recover from injury and disease quickly.  They helped us to feel alive, young, strong and invincible….
Our original stem cells live in our bone marrow.   Over time our bone marrow becomes more sticky to stem cells and after we turn about 25 our body releases less and less every year…so by the time we are about 60 we have about 90% less adult stem cells circulating than when we were in our youth!
Obviously, if there are less of these little repairmen in our bodies then our bodies will begin to age, and we will take longer to recover from injury or illness.  Ultimately this means our tissues, our bones, joints, muscles, glands and our organs like our liver, kidney, heart, brain, pancreas, digestive tract, start to degenerate faster than they regenerate.

What does that mean to us?

It means we age at a cellular level and we notice that physically and aesthetically

It means we suffer longer when injured

It means we recover more slowly from illness

We feel less well ⁃ less flexible

 We feel more discomfort and we are less able to do the things that we enjoy in life.





The cells in our tissues stop working properly for several reasons;

–  they effectively get old,

–  they become diseased,

–  they become damaged through exercise or trauma like getting cut or bruised.


When cells need help they send out a chemical « SOS signal » into the bloodstream.  It’s a bit like they are calling out « Help me Help me! » When this SOS signal reaches the Adult Stem Cells in our bone marrow, those original Stem Cells make fresh, new ‘sister’ copies of themselves and send these sisters out into the bloodstream to be delivered to the tissues in need.

When the stem cells are in the blood flow, the signal from the cells in need turn into a kind of locator beacon, that effectively says… “here I am…come here please!”

The stem cells follow that signal and when they are as close as they can get to the cells that need to be replaced, they leave the blood flow and climb into the tissue to do the repair and renewal.

What affects the Stem Cell Cycle?



Firstly one of the ingredients called Mesenkine makes the “Help Me!” signal stronger, it is a little bit like turning up the volume on the radio.

Next, the StemEnhance makes the bone marrow “less sticky” to stem cells so they can be released more like they do in young, strong, healthy people.

More stem cells in circulation means the body can naturally replace old, sick or damaged cells in our body with fresh, new, young, fully-functioning ones.


As a result, our body works and feels better in so many ways. When this happens, we feel better, we CAN be more active, we can enjoy life more, we become more vibrant and alive.

PEA in StemEnhance Ultra Lifts our mood

Oh! and one of the beneficial side effects of StemEnhance™ ULTRA is it helps lift our mood because it contains naturally occurring PEA, the so-called “molecule of love!”.


StemEnhance Ultra

How You Can Support the Stem Cell Cycle

Now you might be asking,  “CAN I HELP THIS PROCESS EVEN MORE?


By consuming Cerule’s StemEnhance™ ULTRA, Cyactiv® and PlasmaFlo™ Every day!


How Much StemEnhance ULTRA to consume

Firstly you can consume StemEnhance™ Ultra several times a day depending on your need.

Most healthy people do very well on 2 capsules once or twice a day.

If you have a little bit more going on you would benefit from 2 capsules 3 times a day

And if you have some serious issues you are looking to address you will benefit from consuming 3 or more capsules 3 or 4  times a day.

It is not toxic and you cannot consume too much so choose to consume to the level of your need and your budget.  We have a  few other products that support this process too ⁃ if we calm down silent, or whole body inflammation then stem cells can  more accurately target the tissues that really need help….

Adult Stem Cells


Our product called Cyactiv is scientifically shown to calm whole body and silent inflammation, and this allows repair and renewal to occur more easily.



Of course if we can get the stem cells close to the sites of need faster and more easily, then better outcomes can be expected… PlasmaFlo improves the delivery of stem cells.

All three products, StemEnhance™ Ultra, CyActiv® and PlasmaFlo™ work together synergistically to enhance renewal and repair and tissue rejuvenation.

So thats it in a nutshell, in plain simple language.  There is lots of science to back up what I have just said.

Now USE what you have just learned, make a decision now.  These products won’t work if you just think about them and don’t consume them.  I urge you to commit to using the products for a minimum of 6 months.  I am confident you will be delighted with the ways your life will be enhanced.

Take action and place an order today, or join us for deep discounts andthe ability to share with the people you  care for.

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How does StemEnhance™ ULTRA Work – What do stem cells do in our body. How can we help stem cells – Why do we need StemEnhance™ ULTRA – What happens when we consume StemEnhance ULTRA – How much should we consume?

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