How To Join Cerule and Order Products?

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Buying Cerule Products – Your Options

There are several options available that allow you to buy StemEnhance and other Cerule products at various prices. They are (from most expensive to least expensive):

  • Retail (one off orders)
  • Preferred Customer Autoship (discounted retail prices)
  • Independent Business Owner (IBO) Wholesale (one off orders)
  • IBO Autoship (discounted wholesale prices)

Things worth considering before you order:

  1. Once off customer orders (retail) are the most expensive way to purchase Cerule products, but if you just want to try them and are happy to pay full price then that may be your preferred option.
  2. Customer Autoship orders will not only save you money, but will also ensure that you don’t run out of product. You won’t have the hassle of remembering to order your products each month as your autoship will ensure that your products are sent out on the same date (that you choose) each month. You can of course change or cancel your autoship at any time.
  3. Joining Cerule as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) will allow you to buy products at wholesale prices as well as allowing you to earn commissions for sharing the Cerule products with others. That means you get not only amazing health benefits, but Cerule can also provide extra income (a little or a lot) if that is what you want.
  4. Setting up an autoship as a Cerule IBO means you get access to Cerule products at a discounted wholesale price each month. Buying a Wellness Pack on autoship (3 bottles) after you become an IBO is the most cost effective way to buy Cerule products.

How To Join Cerule And Buy StemEnhance Or Other Cerule Products

You can join Cerule and order products either online or by phone. To order Cerule products online click below to get started:

Join Cerule




Click here to get started

Once there:

  1. Select your country at the top of the page (if Europe please contact me OR phone using the number below as there is a manual sign up process at this stage).
  2. Click the button to join either as an Independent Business owner OR as a Preferred Customer
  3. Choose your starter pack then customize your pack. You can build your pack with products of your choice. There are several starter packs with different numbers of bottles included. (Click on ‘View Details’ for more information).
  4. Add your starter pack to cart and then continue to next step.
  5. Add any additional products you would like to order at this time. NOTE that additional products at this stage are wholesale prices. If you require additional products, prices will be lower if you add to an autoship in the next step then alter the date to have them sent earlier as prices will be at the lower autoship price. Autoships can be altered, cancelled or postponed at any time.
  6. Set up your autoship (this can be done later if needed in your back office). Your autoship will automatically be scheduled to run at the date one month from the date you joined unless you edit it, and will be processed on that date unless edited.
  7. Continue to follow the prompts filling in your postage and payment details.

That’s it. You’re done!

Your order details and login details will be emailed to you so make sure you use your correct email address.

Cerule autoshipFurther information about your Cerule Autoship

Autoship – This is a standing order that will be processed and sent to you every month on the date specified.

Your autoship can be edited at any time by logging in to your back office, then going to ‘Orders’ then ‘Manage your Autoship’.

Autoship prices provide the best value for money as product prices are cheapest buying this way.

Autoship is convenient as you don’t have to remember to order each month.

Buying StemEnhance and other Cerule Products

When you order Cerule products whether on Autoship or as a one off order, you have the option of ordering single bottles, Wellness packs, or a 20 pack.

Generally, the larger the pack, the cheaper the price.

The Wellness pack (3 bottles) provides great value for money and is a popular choice for autoship.

How long will a bottle of StemEnhance or other Cerule products last?

There are 60 capsules in a bottle. The recommended dose on StemEnhance Ultra is 2 to 4 capsules a day. Therefore one person would generally require one to two bottles of StemEnhance per month.  In some cases, a higher dose may be beneficial for a period of time to speed up results before dropping to a maintenance dose.

The recommended dose of Plasmaflo and Cyactiv are 2 capsules per day.