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In recent years we have noticed a craze for the use of plants. This was accompanied by a loss of confidence in pharmaceuticals. A lot of research is carried out and innovation is also taking hold in the world of well-being. This is also a significant point: isn’t it more advantageous to always be in good shape? Prevention is always better than cure…

It was in well-being that I had my first experiences in Relationship Marketing. However, the desire to share knowledge about health has always remained with me. I had to find a range that is out of the ordinary and which above all has a high potential for efficiency.

These are some of the reasons why I draw your attention to Cerule.

The products are innovative

The second of science – Cells in biology are the basic building blocks of all living things. They are everywhere in our body: the skin, the organs, the blood, the heart, the bone marrow … The discoveries carried out on stem cells have led to incredible medical advances and continue to reveal their secrets to researchers around the world.

The company Cerule created in 1999, previously Desert Lake Technology or DLT is harvester and producer of AFA or Klamath. AFA is an algae that belongs to the Bleue-Verte family and is considered the most complete food on the planet. Cerule has developed the concentrated formula of Klamath algae.

It is a blue-green algae considered to be the most complete food on the planet. Cerule developed the concentrated formula of the klamath alga, patented « Stemenhance ultra » which promotes the circulation of stem cells from bone marrow in the body to damaged organs and tissues.

The video here explains how the cells in our body work.

At Cerule, there are 4 flagship products.

Most companies offer a well-stocked catalog. A wide range of products to know, to test; there is frankly enough to get lost. The choice is limited, and after reading, listening to the videos, I see that the company Cerule is really specialized, offering products that have a cumulative effect on the body. You benefit from a triple synergy, including the mobilization of your stem cells, the comfort of the joints, venous health for circulation and support for micro-circulation. Finally, don’t bother having a large stock at home for presentations. Cerule à Pensé on the outside of your body, especially the face by launching its Cerule Skin range. Four cosmetic products to offer you the pleasure of regaining healthy and glowing skin.

A simple system

You have your personalized website and an active Back-office as soon as you register. The platform offers you to simply be a customer to place your order on time, preferred customer for a recurring order or become a distributor. The Back-office is in Multi-language, the compensation plan is very simple and the start-up is inexpensive. The launch offer includes the starter pack plus a product of your choice. So a satisfied person can simply be a distributor, then train their contacts to place an order directly on their platform and take advantage of the compensation plan.

Cerule’s vision

The Cerule company has strong advantages. The comments on the web are positive. Combined with my user experience I highly recommend Cerule. However, do your own research before making your decision.

It is also important to get an idea of what you are going to gain.

Consult the compensation plan here.

With Cerule, order and have products delivered to countries of the European Union. Guadeloupe and Martinique have their spaces. The delivery time is therefore very short. Cerule gives you very precise documentation when you register, and has PDF and video support that explains the impact of their food supplements on the body. Leaders surround you to get your business off to a good start. If you want to contribute, think big, break down borders using social media to reach customers around the world and future partners. The online shopping system allows you to do so, but know that there is nothing better than a nice exchange with your customer. The MLM industry continues to evolve using Facebook, Instagram, … and other marketing tools.

I accompany you on the adventure if you need.

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